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how much

so if i were to make a batch of cp soap i would only have to buy 2 -5ml bottles to scent a batch weighing 30ounces right?

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
To properly scent a batch a 30 oz batch of cold process soap we would recommend 0.3 oz (8.8 mL) for a light scent, 0.6 oz (17.7 mL) for a medium scent or 0.9 oz (26.6 mL) for a strong scent. You can check this for other size batches using our Fragrance Calculator.

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Can you add some description on how to use this beauty. I bought the smaller size and I don't know what amount to use if you said it's undiluted! Thank you

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Need a dropper!

This smells wonderful but why oh why do these tiny bottles not come with a flow restricted dropper on the end?! As expensive as some of these are and the small amounts used would make that a welcome addition.