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Before I discovered Bramble Berry...

No other companies jojoba oil compares to Bramble Berry!! I tested this against my amazon jojoba oil and now highly doubt the authenticity of the Amazon one. I love BrambleBerry's jojoba oil for my body butter bars, conditioner bars, after shower leave in, etc.... It's not greasy like other ones are either! Great product at a great price! Thank you Anne-Marie for all of your hard work that helps us create our own passions♡

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Great oil

Jojoba oil makes for great products. I use it in lip balm mostly but have used it in other things, such as soap, in the past. It's very luxurious and moisturizing on the skin. I make a skin salve that I sometimes use jojoba oil in and it really makes a difference. Although it is more pricy I think it's worth it for the great quality it adds.

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Jojoba is great for lip balms, perfume oils, and sugar scrubs!

Awesome stuff!

I use jojoba oil in my lip balms and dry oil sprays. It's wonderful and adds that luxurious feel to products! Try it and you'll definitely love it!

Jojoba Oil

I love, love, love jojoba oil! I use it in just about everything I create, including my roll-on body fragrance oils and when creating parfum scents for my glass perfume bottles. Cannot say enough about this plant wax oil. To me this is very versatile where others oils work for some projects, I certainly cannot create body fragrance oils in the way jojoba allows the scent to flow.