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Cindy C.
Mold upside down!

has anyone else realized their mold is upside down?....On brambleberry site it shows correctly......small part of soap towards the top HOWEVER when you receive this mold the pour spout is on the bottom (wide end of soap) so when you fill it, attach the rope and hang it the soap pattern is UPSIDE DOWN!!..... ...surely someone else has noticed makes this beautiful mold totally useless!....would you buy a painting and want it hung upside down?.....same thing.... other than that very big factor I had no problems working with this mold.....but again, doesn't do me any good to have a mold that you attach the rope from the bottom of the soap...i contacted customer service about this and they refuse to give me a refund stating though they symphasize with me about the print being upside down its not defective....they get a F here for customer service ...what a waste its such a beautiful mold and more importantly Im so disappointed in Brambleberry for not issuing a refund!

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Cindy! Wow! I am so surprised by this.  Thank you so much for your feedback and letting us know! I will investigate this further with the mold manufacturer and email you personally to resolve this.