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Color Changed

I have been purchasing this clay for years, and have always been happy with it. However I recently discovered that they have changed suppliers, and the clay is no longer the white it has always been. Now it is a cream color instead. So if, like me, this will discolor your products I would recommend looking elsewhere.

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Rock Hard Bath Bombs

Will keep buying.

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Great product

Very fine texture which I prefer!

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Monica B.
Curious to try this in my CP soaps!

How can I incorporate this clay into my soaps? Can I just add it at trace?

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Michelle B
Great in mud masks...

I use it for my mud masks (and certain scrubs), usually to 'cut' another clay (green, rose, sea) because the properties of the other clay are too strong, for example. I do use Kaolin clay on its own as well - it is nice and gentle and a great 'mud' in its own right.