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Scary then Lovely

Like other reviewers, I saw this mica turn an ugly olive brown initially. However, it faded to a beautiful jade green color in the final product. I would say the example photos match what I saw. Happy with my purchase and will find many uses for the remaining product.

Give it a chance!!!

As a beginner cold process soap maker, I am SOOOOO glad that the more experienced people take the time to review their colours and fragrance performances on Brambleberry!!!! I, too, gave into the fear when my soap turned a muddy olive green with this product. But there was no going back, so I insulated overnight and this morning WOW! It is the perfect bright kelly green that I wanted. Very pleased. The wait-and-see almost made it more fun. Thank you, previous reviewers: it was great to run to Brambleberry’s website to read about this colour in my moment of panic. It was reassuring and accurate.

Verified Purchase

This is my new go-to green! At a rate of 1 generous tsp/ppo it is true, vibrant & beautiful in CP/CPOP soap! Does turn a bit olivey when first incorporated, but goes back to a true kelly green quickly! Have also mixed this mica with a bit of BB's "Buttercup" mica to make an amazing shade of lime green (1/4tsp yellow to 1/2tsp green in about 8oz of soap)! That mixture did turn VERY olive-colored when first incorporated, but within a few hours it became the PERFECT shade of lime green! Precisely what I was going for! Will 100% be keeping this color on hand at all times now! EDIT: I truly feel that if you use this mica in CP & then immediately write a review for it, it's going to get some undeserving bad reviews. But, if you wait, it really is a beautiful color! Absolutely, upon initial incorporation of this mica into your soap, you're going to get an alarming shade of pea green/brownish-olive green. BUT... Once the soap begins to cure, it goes back to a true kelly green every time, and is very true to color! In CPOP, the change back to its true, original color tends to happen sooner (within an hour or two), but it WILL return to its true beauty in CP eventually! It was just making me kinda bummed to see such a great mica get many poor reviews, as had I not waited to write my own review for it, I would have probably done the same, not knowing that the color-morphing was temporary. But truly, it IS a wonderful color; spot-on in its picture above, and if you don't mind the temporary, initial color change, you will get beautiful results from it! Every batch I've made with this mica thus far has turned out consistently perfect in color!

Verified Purchase
Nice green

I used it in hot process soap. I added the color into my oils befor lye . The color came out perfect.

Not recommended for CP

I used the Kelly Green with a blue mica I mermaid cupcakes and the green is more of a light brownish-green. Great in MP, but I'm very disappointed. 12 cupcakes wasted