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love this mold

I use my own raw goat milk from my own herd to make all my soap. Everyone loves that it says goat milk on the bar. I do use sodium lactate and let it sit overnight. I can unmold it in the morning with my CP. Last batch I made same recipe HP unmolded it in 3 hours. You can make a bunch of cool soap really easy with these. I have 2 of them love them

So cute, but I can't keep it from sticking

I have had this mold for quite awhile and finally decided to use it. I've made two batches, and both times, it sticks in the mold. The first round, I used sodium lactate and left the soap in the mold for about 5 days. About 4 bars came out cleanly, and the rest stuck. The edges on the bottom also crumbled/broke off when I cut them apart (used a kitchen knife). I did wipe the mold with cyclomethicone before pouring. The second round, I skipped the sodium lactate and left the soap in the mold for about 12 hours. I put the whole thing in the freezer for 30 minutes before trying to unmold. All of the bars stuck, and I had the same problem when cutting the bars apart (used the straight cutter this time). This time, I used a spray bottle to apply cyclomethicone to the mold. At 5# of soap, I can't afford to keep wasting supplies on bars that don't turn out. I am using the recipe from the milk soap book put out by Brambleberry, resized to make 5# batch (using the lye calculator).

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Pamela! I'm so sorry you're having trouble removing your soap from this mold. It can be tricky to unmold, especially with cold process soap! Having a hard soap recipe when using this mold is really key.  I would recommend using Sodium Lactate to help harden up your recipe to make it easier to unmold! Another trick to unmolding is to somewhat twist the mold, this will break the airlock. Then wiggle the soap out by using your thumbs to push it upwards. I will email you personally to help troubleshoot!