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Kudos Ridge Heart Mold

This is about the most gorgeous soap I have ever turned out, Unbelieveable. The ridges are just gorgeous and sharp. I colored the soap pink and scented it with the candy scent Red Hots. So we have a red hot heart whichsmells like fire cinnamon. Everyone will want me to make these for them now, another big seller. Easy to unmold, just like all of my other Kudos Molds. They are worth every penny I paid for thrm

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Excellent Mold

I just used this mold with a M&P batch and it's beautiful and very easy to use. I bought this mold when it was on special because it is rather expensive but you get what you pay for. This mold is worth the price.

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Easy & pretty

This mold is super easy to use and produces a beautiful heart shape! My only issue was having small bubbles on the ridges here and there - is there any advice to avoid these bubbles?

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Winnie! I'm glad you like this mold. To help get rid of those bubbles, you can spray it with alcohol beforehand to break bubbles, and tap the mold several times on your table after your soap is poured. You can also pour your soap slowly down one side of the mold. To make sure the soap gets in all the details, you'll want your melt and pour soap to be very warm. if you're doing cold process, pouring at light trace helps.