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Wire Whisk is Kaput

I ordered [both sizes of] these during the summer months when I was stocking my soap making supplies and equipment from Bramble Berry. Silicone covered whisks seemed like a good idea at the time. Easy to clean up and just the right size for my hands. While I was making a salt scrub, I was using the larger of the two. I happened to be looking down just as I finished and saw something green in my salt scrub! Yikes! Three of the wires had small silicone pieces come off! I was able to find all of them to make sure I had none in the scrub. The smaller whisk is showing a little wear. I have already replaced both sizes with just stainless steel, no silicone. The troubling part about these is that I haven't used them a great deal.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
I'm sorry your silicone whisks started peeling like that. That definitely shouldn't happen, especially so soon, so it sounds like you received some defective ones.

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Easy cleanup

I've been using the silicon whisks for cold process soaps. Very easy to clean up. Just swish in water and they are clean. Nothing sticks to them.

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Perfect size!

I bought this whisk for CP soaping and I love it! I was afraid it might be too big but it is the perfect size for mixing lye water and/or oils. I wish I would have purchased two!