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Lavender buds

I'm not entirely new to soaping, and when I finally! Got over the fear of using lye, I'm hooked forever!! And my house has never smelled so good! I usually make lotions and creams, so I figured cp soaping couldn't much more difficult, and indeed it is! I bought these lavender buds which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND thinking "oh, 3 oz. Isn't much, but it will do". In small little buds it's acruelly ALOT! I can't wait to use them in my bath bombs and cp or melt and pour! So far everything I've purchased from brambleberry is amazing quality (except my plastic bath bomb molds, many were very dented, to which they won't push out :/). But I'm sure they will be just fine, I just won't use those ones for gift giving or selling. I just got my new order yesterday and have already divied into, the F/O are so AWESOME! thank you brambleberry and Ann marine for being such an inspiration! :)

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Lavender goodness

First time purchasing from Bramble Berry & first time purchasing Lavender buds & I can sincerely say these are totally worth the buy. I didn't have to open the bag up to know how pure, lovely, & strong the Lavender smelled. I have yet to make it in Soap Making & i'm pretty stoked to try these ones out. I have looked at other websites for essential oils, butters, etc. & although some things are Organic, I would much rather purchase from here. Especially knowing how amazingly great these products smelled & how legitimate they look.

The best lavender ive smelled

And i cant stand lavender!! But lately with these herbs its like completely different. I have a new found respect for it. I love infusing my oils in this and making salves.. OMG it smells so STRONG! Ive never had the pleasure of working with such good and BRIGHT lavender buds. They are a great price and last forever! If you are doing COLD process soap herbs wont discolor. At least not for me! in soap and on top. No discoloration. so worth it, i can roll around in these all day!

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Love it!

Love the lavender buds. Used in CP soap. Smells divine. Is it organic?

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Beautiful Buds

I bought these a while back, and was surprised at just how much you get for 3oz. They look and smell fantastic, and really added to the look of my cold process lavender bars.