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Excellent EO for multiple uses...

I have used BB's Lemon Eucalyptus EO in both CP and M&P soap as well as in a home-made mosquito repellant. All have come out fabulous. The EO holds up exceptionally well through CP - people are always surprised how amazing it smells. When the CDC gave its seal of approval around insect repellant use, I gave it a go with amazing results. I spent almost a week camping in the wet, mosquito-laden northern CA coast with clouds of mosquitoes around and got not ONE SINGLE BITE until after I washed my hands and forgot to reapply (then got one on my finger). Give this one a try!

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Usage rate?

I can't wait to use this in bug repellant products --but I see you say the usage rate is 30-40% for spray on products. However, the IFRA safe usage rate for lotions, etc is only 5%. Can you explain this?

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Lemon Eucalyptus

I tried this essential oil in a batch of cold process soap. It doesn't smell like either lemon or eucalyptus but has a very, very strong flowery scent. Hopefully, as the soap goes through its process over the next several weeks, the scent will become less a bit more subtle.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Phyllis! The Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil has a strong camphoric bottom note with a refreshing lemony top note similar to citronella. It does not have any floral notes so I am worried you received the wrong scent. I will email you directly to resolve this issue.

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Mixed feelings

This oil is okay. It behaves well, gives off a distinct and strong scent, and it doesn't fade after curing. I'm just not a huge fan of the scent personally. It smells like bug spray to me, or floor cleaner. Tip: Don't mix both camphorous AND citrus scents with this at the same time because it might make the bug spray-ish smell stronger--it's much better on its own or only mixed with one of the fragrance profiles if you decide you want to subdue that aspect. I did make a straight batch with this, and I gave out some of the bars to friends and family. Some really loved it and thought it smelled similar to lemongrass, and others just liked the novelty of having a soap bar that smells like insect repellent. Most people I've asked like it regardless of what they think it smells like, so I may be in the minority in being on the fence.

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Super clean

I have strong happy associations with the smell of Murphy's Oil Soap, so I made CP soap with this. I also tried two other blends - one with sweet basil EO and another with geranium - in soap. The basil blend is very fresh and lively. I liked it so much that I'll try Lemon Eucalyptus with other cooking-herb essential oils.