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Just ok

I dont hate this but it is hard to mix in and does not give strong water color. When will you get lake bath bomb colors BB? Honestly micas are better and can be used in a wider range of products.

Not My Favorite

Makes a great lavender color but this colorant does not "drop" like others. I have to fight to get anything out of the bottle wasting far too much. When it does come out it's thick like gel cake icing.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Olivia! I'm so glad you love the lavender color our Lilac La Bomb creates! Though I'm sorry you have more trouble working with it than the others. Due to the la bombs being mostly comprised of Glycerin some of the colors can turn out thicker than the others. To help with that just pop your thicker La Bomb in a warm water bath for a few minutes which will thin the mixture out!

Love this for coloring...

I absolutely loved this for coloring my Lavender Room and Pillow Mist! I very small drop colored 16 ounces to a beautiful shade!

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Perfect Purple

I love this color, I use it in my lavender bath bomb cupcakes for a lovely light purple shade and in my blackberry sage cupcakes for a strong purple. I really adore how a teensy tiny bit goes a long, long way. Thanks Bramble Berry!

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"Goopey" Colorant

I'm usually thrilled with all products from Bramble Berry. However, my lilac La Bomb is actually goopey - almost like it's been sitting on a shelf far too long. I realize they're think, but this isn't think, it's gelled. Ick. I salvaged what I could out of the bottle.