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I love this kit

I purchased this kit and I love all of the different fragrances and so does my customers. We have use them in our perfumes, lotions, and soaps. I will be purchasing these fragrances again.

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Great variety

I love this set and all sample sets I have ordered. The have all had great variety and smell.

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Very Happy!

I'm so happy with this sampler set. I love almost every single scent. My favorites are the sweet meyer lemon and apricot freesia. I'm new to bath bomb making so it's a great way for me to try scents that I'm not sure I like. The lavender chamomile is the one I'm having the toughest time figure out a use for. It smells exactly like diaper wipes, which is probably not the most pleasing scent to people. The only thought I had for this one was using it to make a baby shower gift for my friend....although I'm not sure she wants to smell like diaper wipes? Even if I don't find a use for this one there are many other scents in this sampler that I would be willing to purchase a larger full size version of.

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Wow, wonderful

I just received this today. What a great kit. I love all of them. They each have a place , soap, lotion, burner, for friends. They are all perfect. The sweet meyer lemon is crazy good. They're Perfect. Thank you for selling sampler kits. A great way to sample so many scents. I am very happy.

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Very disappointed

after ordering the Kid Friendly sampler set, I was quite excited to order again. i have to say, though, that these were disappointing. many of then smell very powdery, and generally bad, especially the shae blossom, the pikake and most disappointing of all, the lavender & chamomile. it smells like a box of diapers, nothing like lavender at all. after looking, i saw that it was a "huggies" scent, i guess to smell like their baby lotion. i was hoping for a more true lavender smell. i was pleasantly surprised by the bamboo, though, and will be using that soon. i just wish this set was as much of a winner as the Kid Friendly.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Kelly! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this sampler. We love our Limited Edition Florals Fragrance Oil Sampler Kit and the great selection of florals it has! Though, many florals tend to be a bit powdery. If you're looking for fresher floral scents you make like Fresh Zucchini Flower Fragrance Oil, Spring Meadow Fragrance Oil, or Lavender & Cedar Fragrance Oil.