Bramble Berry Limited Edition Fragrance Oils Limited Edition fragrances are not part of our permanent inventory and so are available for very limited periods of time. Check back often as stock and availability will change frequently on this page. Looking for a previous special order fragrance? Many are available by special order in minimum quantities. Click the special order fragrance category below.

ZLimited Editions

Limited Edition fragrances - Here's where you can find new, trendy, & fun scents.
Banana Fragrance Oil
Banana Fragrance Oil, 10 lbs

Banana: This is bar none, the best banana we've smelled. It discolors CP and MP soap but the staying power and strength is like none that we've experienced

Escada Lily Chic Type Fragrance Oil
Escada Lily Chic Type Fragrance Oil, 10 lbs

Escada (type) Lily Chic: Lily Chic is a refreshing cocktail of citrus and floral notes. It is an original elegant blend of fruit and petal essences,

Escada Type Ibiza Hippie Fragrance Oil
Escada Type Ibiza Hippie Fragrance Oil, 10 lbs

Escada (type) Ibiza Hippie: Energetic, excessive, and trendy, Ibiza is an island off the coast of Spain that is "the Place" for the party jet-set crowd.

Escada Type Island Kiss Fragrance Oil
Escada Type Island Kiss Fragrance Oil, 10 lbs

Escada (type) Island Kiss: Drift away to the islands and set your inhibitions free. This fragrance comes alive with mouth-watering tropical fruits.

Escada Type Rockin Rio Fragrance Oil
Escada Type Rockin Rio Fragrance Oil, 10 lbs

Escada (type) Rockin' Rio: With sun-drenched shades of lemon yellow and spun sugar pink, this feminine potion is awash with juicy fruits and island-fresh

Escada Type Tropical Punch Fragrance Oil
Escada Type Tropical Punch Fragrance Oil, 10 lbs

Tropical Punch (type) : Similar to the Escada Limited Edition Line of 2001, our Tropical Punch is a very fruity fragrance, with just enough floral and

Mulberry Fragrance Fragrance Oil
Mulberry Fragrance Fragrance Oil, 10 lbs

This sweet scent smells strong in the bottle, but in soap it's a killer. It smells rich and pink and you'll go ga-ga over it!

Natures Blush Fragrance Oil
Natures Blush Fragrance Oil, 10 lbs

Nature's Blush: Dainty rose petals are complemented with tender green fields of romantic floral nuances. Plush peony blossoms and lavish lilac embrace

Oakmoss Fragrance Oil
Oakmoss Fragrance Oil, 10 lbs

Oakmoss: This rich and musky scent is a "must have" as a base note for blending. Alone, it produces a deep, nature scent. If you're looking for an alternative

Orchid Fragrance Oil
Orchid Fragrance Oil, 10 lbs

Orchid: This dreamy fragrance is an airy fragrance that is more fantasy than reality. Many orchid varieties do not have a scent but the flower is so beautiful

Pearly Pear Fragrance Oil
Pearly Pear Fragrance Oil, 10 lbs

Pearly Pear: Pearly Pear is a twist on the original pear with dreamy notes added into the mix. Heavy with powder notes, as well as some light musk notes,

Pink Sugar (aquolina) Type Fragrance Oil
Pink Sugar (aquolina) Type Fragrance Oil

Aquolina Pink Sugar: Special Order - this fragrance smells just like a fabulously adult cotton candy. It does discolor soap a dark brown

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