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Made embeds for my soap and the red did bleed really bad into my white soap.

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Love this red!

Use more for darker, less for lighter. I mix with Merlot Mica (also from Brambleberry) for a sparkling burgundy color in my Strawberry Buttercream HP soap. A little goes VERY far though, so don't use too much.

Verified Purchase
Perfect red!

I purchased this liquid colourant to see if I liked using it as well as the colour blocks. It is so easy and a truly beautiful red when mixed in with a clear soap base for my melt and pour projects. There is nothing better than a non-bleeding colourant when you need one, especially in layering your projects. Wonderful item!

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Just want to know how to use it?

I need to find something for my cp that will stay red and not turn pink. How do you use this? Do you mix it with a red mica or use it alone? I wasn't sure and wanted to ask before I purchase. I am new to soaping and I don't want to do it wrong.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Kim! This is a great question, it can be tricky to achieve a true, vibrant red in cold process. We have found 1 part Merlot Sparkle Mica to 2 parts Electric Bubblegum Pigment results in a beautiful, rich red. You can see an example of this color in our CPOP Swirls Hot Process Tutorial.

Valerie Brunette
Bleeding red soap dye

I've recently made some shea butter soaps with Red imbeds and its clear that the soap turns the white facecloth red and the lather is red also. Is this normal when using deep colors in M & P soaps? I'm embarassed to sell them due to this occurence, although they really are pretty! Any advise would be appreciated. Thx! Valerie

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Valerie! If too much colorant is used in your soap, you’re correct, you may end up with a colored lather or even stained washcloths. We recommend starting at ½ tsp of colorant per pound of soap and working up from there. If you are using a white base, your soap will end up being more of a pink color. Instead, I recommend using a clear base to achieve a truer red.