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These are okay strips of loofah. Hard to use in soap molds because you have to cut the loofah or put it in strategically.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Loofah Sponges are a natural product so they can end up quite large. You can cut them down to fit in smaller molds or you may prefer our Shredded Loofah.

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Love the Loofah!

These are awesome loofahs! I looked at an old Soap Queen TV video for a loofah tutorial since I had never used loofah in soapmaking, and the video was a great guide. I cut 1 loofah in 12 pieces and used it in BB's 12 Bar Round Silicone Mold. The loofah was a little bit higher than the mold, so the soap has an exposed loofah top that gives the soap a really neat rustic look. I gave these soaps to my co-workers and they loved them. I also used this loofah in BB's Silicone Column Mold. I scrunched up about 1 and 1/2 loofah to fill up the mold and poured in bulk M&P. The loofah really filled up a huge amount of space in the column mold, so this made a super-scrubby soap that's perfect for sloughing off dead, dry winter skin. I can't wait to use the loofahs in more soaping projects! :)

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should be 10 stars

these loofah i ordered are amazing! they are nice and big and exfoliate amazingly well. i was getting those dreaded arm bumps and they are gone now im so smooth and soft. wont ever be without these loofahs!

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Where are these sourced? How are they harvested?

These are great! I didn't realize they were a plant and not from the sea (thanks for posting the botanical name!) Do you know where these are sourced and how they are harvested?

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Best Loofah sponges!

I am a business owner and I make loofah soaps and sale by dozens I have been ordering from Bramble Berry for awhile now... they have great fragrances. I was ordering my loofah off eBay then I decided to try BB ...WoW bye bye EBay. BB's loofah are fantastic! I can make 10 regular size bars from 1 sponge ! I don't know why there would be any complaints all you do is cut 1 piece of loofah into 5 soak in water...then cut again in half place in your mold.You will have 10 pieces Voo la! Perfect! Thank-you Bramble Berry please keep this product.