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Another favorite!

I bought this to make a masculine lava soap for my son, the welder. It says mild acceleration, but I had to stick blend it with the fragrance oil in the batter just to get it thick enough to support the pumice sand. This stuff smells AND behaves great!


Oh my goodness. My absolute favorite masculine scent so far, and always a best seller!! Never discontinue this fragrance, BB!! It’s soo good!!!!!

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Totally Awsome

This is the best selling fragrance that I have purchased from brambleberry. I can't keep it on the shelves. stays very strong and my cold process soap. Very masculine but surprisingly loved by women. Keep up the good work!!

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This is a nice scent

I like the this scent for men. I want to offer men as many options as I offer in women products. The only issue I keep running into is that no matter where I purchase fragrance oils, they always have the same scent, that is except for the peppery ones. This one has a slightly more different, more expensive aroma to it. I cannot wait to try this in a lotion and soap set. Thanks BB.

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great manly scent

Wow, this does smell great! Ordered based on reviews and just used in CP. did accelerate slightly but nothing big. Will make a great manly soap, scent is fabulous! Very excited to see how this one holds up.