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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Make it Manly

This beautiful soap uses blue jojoba beads for a little scrub and features our Blue Man Limited Edition Fragrance Oil. It's a little sweet,  a little spicy, a little musky and a whole lotta masculine!

Gorgeous - but still manly - cold process soap made using our new Blue Man Fragrance oil

Before making Cold Process soap be sure you are completely aware of and informed about all of the proper safety procedures. We have a free video here as well as a DVD you can purchase or get our favorite book on Cold Process Soap.  And don't forget to get a pair of our really cute soapmaking goggles.

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Blue Man Soap Ingredients:


ONE: Put on your gloves and goggles and make your lye water. Measure out 10 ounces of distilled water and mix in 4.3 ounces of lye. Remember to always add the lye to the water and never the other way around. Stir the lye water until the mixture turns clear and set aside.

TWO: Melt and measure out all of your oils. TIP: We like to add the Shea butter into hot oils and allow it to melt that way.

THREE: Use freezer paper to line your mold, shiny side up. Once your mold is lined add the side and end border pieces and put your inserts together so they're ready for action.

FOUR: We learned this technique from Christy Rose of KBShimmer and love it. In a tall plastic container, combine ½ ounce of Jojoba Oil and ¼ tsp. of Ultramarine Blue Oxide. Mix together with a frother to break up all of the clumps. This is called a slurry, we'll be adding some soap to this colorant later to swirl.

FIVE: Once your oils mixture and lye mixture 90 - 100 F temperature, it's time to combine them. Slowly and carefully add your lye water to the oil mixture.

SIX: Mix with your stick blender until you have a thin trace (like a thin pudding mixture). Then add 12 ounces of the soap batter to the blue slurry container and hand stir. Do not add any fragrance to this colored soap. Blue Man is a discoloring fragrance and we don't want this part of the soap to discolor. Then hand stir in ½ tsp of Blue Jojoba Beads.

SEVEN: Add the Blue Man fragrance to the rest of the non-colored soap batter and hand mix with a spoon. Then add 2 mini scoops of Titanium Dioxide and 1/8 tsp of Super Pearly White Mica. Mix well with your stick blender.

EIGHT: Both soap batters should be at a light trace at this point. Pour half of the non colored base into the mold. Then drizzle half of your colored soap in an "S" like pattern horizontally then again, vertically. Repeat with the rest of your soap batter.

NINE: In bigger molds we usually use a spatula or a spoon to swirl. Because this mold is so small, we recommend something smaller like a skewer. We actually used a dropper and the swirls turned out great. Swirl your soap in an "S-like" shape horizontally then again vertically.

TEN: Drop in the assembled dividers and pop the lid on. Let it rest for 24-48 hours before unmolding. Then let it cure for 4-6 weeks.

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