In this issue: Make your own Honey Kisses  sheer lipstick. Get 30% off lip flavor oils. Bail Jars are back!
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Make your own lip stain

Honey Kisses Sheer Lipstick

Learn to make your own sheer lipstick at a fraction of the cost. Compare our recipe to  Clinique's conditioning lipstick in Black Honey and we think you will find it very difficult to tell the difference. Without equipment costs, this recipe will cost you less than $2.50 per tube. Never pay $15 for lipstick again!
Lipstick Recipe:


Add to Cart ButtonClick here to add everything to your shopping cart. You will get ingredients to make 180 tubes of lipstick base. Just add the lip-safe colorants of your choice and maybe get some more tubes!

How to set-up the pouring tray

COLOR PREP: Micronize the pigments using a clean and sterlilized coffee grinder. This ensures that the particles are tiny enough to mix with the rest of the oils well and there won’t be tiny (but noticeable) bits of unmixed colorant.

POURING TRAY PREP: Stick all of the chapstick tubes to the pouring tray.

ONE: Combine the Candelilla Wax, Beeswax, E-Wax, and Castor Oil. Heat in a heat-safe container in the microwave on 30 second bursts until the waxes are melted.
Mixing Oils and Waxes

NOTE: The Castor Oil helps to regulate the heat and allow the high melt-point waxes to melt easier. However, temperatures will still get a bit high so make you’re exercising caution when removing your heat-safe container from the microwave if it’s glass.

TWO: Add the Shea Butter, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Isopropyl Mysitrate and Vitamin E Oil. Stir until the Shea Butter has fully melted (or help it along in the microwave for 10-15 seconds). 

Adding the pigment
THREE: Add the Honey Kisses Flavor oil and mix well. Next, add the Titanium Dioxide and Burgundy. Mix in well using the mini mixer.

TIP: Push the powder into the oil with the tip of the mini mixer before turning it on, or you’ll get a poof of powdered pigment over your work area!

FOUR: Pour the mixture into the chapstick tubes via the pouring tray. Allow to harden overnight. Remove tubes from pouring tray and cap the tubes.
Flavor oils

30% off Flavor Oils

Bramble Berry offers over 20 different flavoring oils perfect for lip balms and lipsticks! Try our new Honey Kisses or Blueberry Bliss flavors. 
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Bail Jars

Bail Jars are Back!

We love the look of bail jars, so we are offering two styles. Use for packaging your balms, bath salts and creams. They also make great storage containers. The plastic bail jars are PET plastic and perfect for products that are used in the shower, while the glass bail jars are heavier and have that classic handmade look (shown above).
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