This month's featured sample is Woodland Elves Fragrance Oil. This is the perfect combination of Christmas tree and Christmas spice, we love how it doesn't have a bold pine or spice note but a lovely combination of the two plus notes of grapefruit, mistletoe and lily. The wonderful thing about this fragrance is that it isn't overpowering, which makes blending it with other fragrances tricky. Our favorites can be found below. Enjoy!

Make your own handmade Potpourri

Blend Ideas



How to Make Potpourri

Tools and Ingredients:

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ONE: Place Nature Fix in a bowl with a lid. Add fragrance and let sit for 2 hours in a sealed container.

TWO: Mix Nature Fix with all of the other potpouri ingredients. Add ingredients based on how they look - you might like more rose buds and less chamomile.

THREE: Add mixture to container or bowl for display and use. If your container doesn't have a lid it may fade. Just add a little more scented Nature Fix to re-activate.

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