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Great scent selection

Love these scents, I thought that most of them would be very very strong, but they are not so I'll be using all of them and purchase the most requested ones

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Top Favorites

Very good selection of masculine scents; there's something for everyone in this sampler. Kentish Rain, Wasabi, Drakkar, Bonsai and Ancient Sedona were the top 5 fragrances of the men and women I asked. My personal favorites are Kentish Rain, and Wasabi.

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Excellent sample pack

I ordered this to play with scents for beard balm and beard oils and I am so glad I did! I totally understand how some people say they are a bit 'strong' (spiced mahogany comes to mind..) but if used with a light hand and time to let the scent mature, they are very appealing! Black tea and smoky patchouli have heavy accents of tobacco and work great for more rugged scents where as bonsai, cold water and sensuous sandalwood are a bit more refined in my opinion. I would love some advice in blending them, they are already so complex I am a bit unsure about combining them without the scent becoming overwhelming. I will be ordering larger sizes of many of these for sure. Thanks BB keep the great samplers coming!!

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The sample sizes are very gereous, but the fragrances are lacking

I thought this sampler would be a great way to figure out what I wanted to use in my soap. The only ones I would recommend are the: Kentish rain (6/10), the Drakkar (8/10). Spice Mahogany (my personal favorite of the batch) and the Sensuous Sandalwood. Even though I don't like most of them, I feel that if you like at least 4 of them, the set is still a good value because it gives you a chance to sample many of them without breaking the bank.

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Yay Sampler!

I'm very glad I ordered this sampler. It has a very nice range of "manly" scents, all of them good in their own way. This was a great starter point for me, and I plan to reorder a good number based off these generous samples. I hope BB continues to offer samplers, expand the selection even! Definitely going to try another sampler!