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Yay Sampler!

I'm very glad I ordered this sampler. It has a very nice range of "manly" scents, all of them good in their own way. This was a great starter point for me, and I plan to reorder a good number based off these generous samples. I hope BB continues to offer samplers, expand the selection even! Definitely going to try another sampler!

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Great Sampler

Kentish Rain is everyone's favorite! Great for men and women. Might as well buy a big bottle now and save on the shipping later. Drakkar is everyone's 2nd favorite. Cold Water has a very nice clean smell. Ancient Sadona is nice, but nothing wow. Spiced Mahogany was my all-time favorite in the bottle, but I made it too strong and it's WAY overbearing. If I hold it 2 feet from my nose I love it. I'm SO upset that I messed that one up. I haven't made the others into soap yet, but the Bonsai, Wasabi, and Musk Cybilla smell very nice, the Sandalwood is okay, but not sure I will ever make the Smoky Pachouli and Black Tea. Not a fan of those two. Just sayin.

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Normally I am a huge fan of colognes and "men's" smells. These fragrance oils were generally pleasant smelling but nothing to write home about. I enjoyed Black Tea and Kentish Rain the most out of all of them. What I would really love is for Brambleberry to create more sample packs because there are tons of other fragrances I'd like to try.

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The cold water is so STRONG BUT its good because a little surely goes a long way. I LOVE the Ancient Sedona and Kentish Rain. I add a tiny hint of them with citruses and they blend so yummy! Good collection. Ill buy again just cause it lasted me so long!! It also helped me find my signature scent. unisex scents are the best! thanks BB!

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For my men

So my husband and son wanted me to order this kit, so glad i did! A few dents I wasn't sure we would like, putting them together was so much fun and then having fun naming them as well. We put ancient sedona and smoky patchouli together, what a wonderful combanation, we named it our Camper Jack after my camping Dad! I love the samples now i know just what to order for all my batches