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Just use M & P soap

I did not attempt to pour CP soap into the mold. I had a feeling it was not a good idea. I colored some clear MP soap with mica, and it came out great. I cut them into cookies and stuck them in my CP soap. It is a little tricky to zip the mold closed, but if you start at the bottom of the mold it works best. I bought 2 and I am pleased.

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No problem with CP

I had to share that I have successfully used this with CP. Please don't be scared of it! If your recipe is soft, make sure to water discount, use SL and give it an extra day or two. It makes adorable embeds! :)

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Poor cp mold

it is very hard to remove cp soap from this mold. I have even coated it with cyclomethacone, used sodium lactate, & used water discount. Very disappointing.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
While our Mini Daisy Silicone Column Mold can be a bit tricky to use with cold process soap it can definitely be done. Because of the restricted airflow your cp soap may need an extra day or two in this mold, though the addition of Sodium Lactate should definitely help as well.