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If you love motorcycles and soap look no further.

I love motorcycles and I love crafting soap. This mold brings both worlds together nicely! The only drawback to making motorcycle shaped soaps is that everyone wants a bar! (not really a drawback if you get where I am going here) The hard PVC plastic does hold it's shape quite nicely. You do need a little patience when unmolding but trust me they spring out eventually. The motorcycle resembles an old street tracker like an HD XR1200. I love it!

Motorcycle Soap Mold

I have not used the mold yet. Does anyone have a recipe for Melt and Pour that they can give to me to use with this mold Please? I a just getting started in soap making and I did not see this and a few other molds that I bought in a melt and pour kit, so I just bought the molds hoping that I could find the recipes and everything else that I need on here somewhere. I would appreciate any help that comes my way. Thanks in advance.

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Love it!

This mold is great! I used it for some M&P soaps with the Color Block- Shimmer Black (Luster Black) and it looks great! Way cuter in Luster black than the brown example lol