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Great tool, but does not fit - tips!

Let me start out by saying - I LOVE this tool. However, as with a few other reviewers, it does not fit in the new silicone molds. I fixed this by asking a very savvy woodshop fella' with a few different saws in his armory, to shave down a few edges for me and VOILA, works like a charm! If you're having the same problem I did, I'd very much recommend doing this as well.

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Very nice tool

I must have missed the note about it not fitting in the new silicone molds. I bought them both and for the life of me couldn't figure it out! But eventhough, it doesn't fit in the silicone mold, I have adjusted my mold to make this tool work. I have to say, I love this tool! It makes multi colored soaping SO much easier and faster! I can't wait until the new tool comes out.

multi section tool

Such a cool tool! I enjoy using it and it's very easy to use, I've even done a 50/50 and spilt my divider between 2 5lb molds to have to identical loaves with only having one divider set ;) you just use one end piece and one long section, as long as you're careful and pour both sides equally it wont move at all.

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Merryn @ Body by M
I adore these dividers - hint on how to clean

The first time I used these dividers I was able to make perfectly straight lines, and I made the Infinity Swirl Soap. I am so happy with these dividers, and I can't wait to play with them some more. I found an easy way to clean them - get a 4 inch plastic putty knife, and stand the divider over a container (I used the 4" silicone loaf mold and put it on an angle), and then scrape down over the divider into the container. Turn the divider over and repeat. Then I wipe them down with a towel. Easy-peasy! And, any left over soap I put into the 4" silicone mold for a bar for me to use later. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!

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OMG, I love this tool!

I used this tool for the first time to do the Natural Taiwan Swirl soap recipe. I was amazed! I used it by myself so layers were poured one or two at a time, but the soap turned out beautifully. Looks exactly like the pictures!