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Diane Espinoza
oakmoss fragrance oil

I have a 1 oz. Bottle I believe it was sold in smaller amounts at one time. The label is blurred. It is amazing!!! I uses it in a body oil blend with winter grapefruit and it was fantastic!! I also rebatched CP soap and added some. Im glad I have a few drops left to compare other brands. Am I correct in thinking this was sold in smaller amounts?

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Diane! I'm so glad you like this fragrance! Also, you are correct - all of our fragrances used to be sold in 1 oz. sizes. Now, we sell them in 2 oz. sizes or larger. You can read more about that in this Looking into the Future blog post.

Small Order

I want to be included in a small order list too!


Is there a way may be a few customers could get together to order smaller amount like 1 oz please?

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Carmen, unfortunately this is a special order item for us, and we are unable to order smaller amounts that 10 lbs.

Smaller order

Hello! Is there anyway I can order a smaller amount of this? I have been trying to find an oak moss scent!

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Sarah, this is a special order fragrance for us and unfortunately 10 lbs is the smallest amount we can order.