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Excellent Exfoliant

This size jojoba bead does an excellent job. I really like the medium white ones for really gentle exfoliation, but these do an awesome job at stripping the dead skin off and leaving the skin feeling clean, smooth, and shiny.

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Michelle B
Nice "pop" in scrubs

I love using these jojoba beads as an accent color in sugar (or salt) scrubs. This color feels nice and "clean"... it's a bright and definitely unisex color. I recommend. It's a fun addition to spruce up my product.

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A great color and product

This color screams "fresh" "clean" and an awesome quality option for a natural exfoliant. It's great for products for people who used to use "micro-beads" but obviously can't anymore. Earth friendly and will jazz up products.

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The Black Currant
Great shade of blue!

Wow! Right out of the bag these jojoboa beads are small but pack a big punch of color! The color is a royal blue so it might not fit everyone design. The color stands out among the red and green ones so it's great for multicolor mixing! It mixes in very easily and gently exfoliants. Great for sensetive skin!


I love using these in my cold process soap. Have usd them for several years andvwill continue to. :-)