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Good for Lazy Soapers

I do not have the time or patience to commit to loaf molds. Waiting a few days to peel off the mold, then leaving it alone for a few more days, then slicing and trimming and ugh! Cavity molds are the way to go for me. These createa beautiful, consistent and professional shape every time as long as I'm patient (or lazy) enough to wait a couple weeks for the soap to dry out enough to unmold easily. I wait until the soap has pulled away about 1/16" from every edge before flipping over the mold to pop out the soap. If the bars don't immediately fall out with a light tap on the counter, then they aren't ready yet. You can't rush these molds. If you need to push the bottom of the mold to pop out the soap, then there's a good chance some of it will be stuck the mold and you'll have an ugly mishapen bar. I consider the wait a good trade off for the zero additional labor necessary to create a good looking bar. Pour, wait, unmold and done. I have a couple dozen of these molds. I use one-third of them every week to make soap and rotate through in order to keep production going. The initial cost is much higher than loaf molds, but for me, it's worth every penny.