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Very Sturdy

I'm new to soaping and want to experience a variety of tools. I found these to be more rigid than I thought and it took a while for me to figure out how to get the soap out. I tried letting the soap shrink itself out, that was taking forever! Putting it in the freezer did the trick. I wonder if lubricating the inside of the mold would help. They are cute and I like variety so will probably get more.

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Glad I took a chance & got these.

It's like getting a present because you have no idea what you are going to get. I got a detailed heart, a flower mold, a massage mold, a baby clothes mold, and a fire truck. I don't currently have any babies or young boys in my family. But I instantly thought that I could pair the fire truck & the baby outfit together & sell them as a set. I've never used these type molds before. But, I think I'm going to use M&P so I can get some good detail and maybe try my hand at some mica painting. I never would have bought these molds individually but I will definitely be putting all of them to use. These are really good sized molds. And you can't beat 5 molds for $7.50. Glad I added them to my order.

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Pleasantly Surprised

Received my molds and you could not really tell what some of the oops was,the molds are quite sturdy and I received 5 different patterns.Just one of the patterns I'm not to in love with at all but all in all a great buy..What are you waiting on take a chance I did and was pleasantly surprised.

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Can't complain 😉

Everybody like surprises. I feel like a little girl when my package arrived and out of 5 the first time I liked 1 .This is my 2nd order Im not a fan plain molds but I got a beautiful Victorian heart mold. The mold in general very strong and very good quality. Thank you

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Nice Surprise

Brought (5) of these for testing batch. Love all the designs. If these are "oops mold"- I didn't notice. No duplicate molds received. These molds are strudy and heavy duty. Perfect for MP test. Just wish had instructions on cleaning and storage. Thanks BB !!! Another satisfied customer.