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I have ordered these a few times now (the 5 pack). What a bargain and a chance to get some different molds for those extra bits of batter. I did receive a duplicate the first time, but that's OK too! I am glad I got to see a few in person, I do know for sure these ELF molds are high quality and nicely designed, so I am confident I will like any whole trays I order in the future.

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great purchase!

I am glad I got these! can't wait to try them out!

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I love them

they were great can't wait to do the train love them

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Sturdy and cute

Love the design AND how sturdy they feel. I just received them today ad can't wait to try them. I got them on sale so I ordered 10 molds and love the molds only disappointment is that I got 4 the same. Want to order more but worried if I do I will get repeat's again. Would have wished I wouldn't have received repeat's.

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Very sturdy, relatively good variety

The molds are sturdy and can withstand heat. For the most part, I like the designs. I received two Victorian Heart molds--one small, one larger. I'm not unhappy with it, but I would have appreciated a different design. So overall, I would say I like 3/5 of these molds. Also, I was not expecting such large molds. I generally like to make smaller soaps, but these look like they could hold a ton of soap. Not exactly loving that. But congrats to BrambleBerry for coming up with a creative way to sell imperfect molds rather than letting them go to waste.