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great purchase!

I am glad I got these! can't wait to try them out!

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I love them

they were great can't wait to do the train love them

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Sturdy and cute

Love the design AND how sturdy they feel. I just received them today ad can't wait to try them. I got them on sale so I ordered 10 molds and love the molds only disappointment is that I got 4 the same. Want to order more but worried if I do I will get repeat's again. Would have wished I wouldn't have received repeat's.

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Very sturdy, relatively good variety

The molds are sturdy and can withstand heat. For the most part, I like the designs. I received two Victorian Heart molds--one small, one larger. I'm not unhappy with it, but I would have appreciated a different design. So overall, I would say I like 3/5 of these molds. Also, I was not expecting such large molds. I generally like to make smaller soaps, but these look like they could hold a ton of soap. Not exactly loving that. But congrats to BrambleBerry for coming up with a creative way to sell imperfect molds rather than letting them go to waste.

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Not lucky

Bought 5 of these molds, hoping to like at least one of them. The molds themselves are very sturdy. But I received 3 that were just blank shapes with no designs on them, and 2 with designs that I didn't like. Pretty disappointing.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Connie!Thank you for sharing your experience with us. While we do our best to send out an interesting mix of molds in every “oops” bag, the selection is always based on which molds are being produced at the time. Sorry to hear that these particular designs weren’t your favorite, every bag is different!