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Random draw was a disappointment

I took my chance on a $3 randomly selected oops mold. I hoped for a simple round or oval design with a flower or leaf pattern on it. Instead I got a mold in the shape of a John Deere tractor. I will never use it.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Heidi! Thank you for your feedback and I'm sorry you received a design you weren't happy with. While we do our best to send out something people will like for our “oops” orders, the selection is always based on which molds are being produced at the time. Sorry to hear this one wasn't a favorite of yours!

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I have ordered these a few times now (the 5 pack). What a bargain and a chance to get some different molds for those extra bits of batter. I did receive a duplicate the first time, but that's OK too! I am glad I got to see a few in person, I do know for sure these ELF molds are high quality and nicely designed, so I am confident I will like any whole trays I order in the future.

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great purchase!

I am glad I got these! can't wait to try them out!

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I love them

they were great can't wait to do the train love them

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Sturdy and cute

Love the design AND how sturdy they feel. I just received them today ad can't wait to try them. I got them on sale so I ordered 10 molds and love the molds only disappointment is that I got 4 the same. Want to order more but worried if I do I will get repeat's again. Would have wished I wouldn't have received repeat's.