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Orange with Carbonation

I was a little nervous to try this because orange peels have a bit of a bitter scent, but I wanted an excellent citrus fragrance. I am so glad I purchased this one. It is my favorite so far. I don't detect any bitterness, but it has such a delicious, bright scent, and my family and I detect a fizzy, carbonated scent. When we smelled it for the first time OOB, our first impression was "orange soda!" I was not expecting this and am very happy with the surprise. I made CP soap with it, and one week into the cure time, it is still holding strong and delicious. I highly recommend this product.

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Sooo good!

This Fragrance oil is by far one of my favourites. I’ve tried 10X orange essential oil, but this orange is incredible!!

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Best orange in CP

Forget that orange 10x.......this fragrance oil beats that bar none.

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Smells good enough to eat!

This fragrance is awesome! It sticks well in cold process and doesn't seem to fade as time goes by. This is going on my list of favorites!

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This is my go to orange fragrance as it very true to the scent of oranges and sticks very well in cp soap. Even at a year my soap smells great losing none of the zesty notes. This fo does not discolor my soap, does not accelerate trace, in fact, in my recipe it slows down trace. This fragrance also blends very well with many other fragrances. The best straight orange scent I've tested in 12 plus years of soaping!