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love the oil, hate the bag

I love the product, but the 7lb bag was terrible. Because the whole bag needs to be melted, I ended up with a palm oil eruption all over my kitchen when trying to work with the bag. The bag itself is so unstable, and 7lbs is surprisingly heavy, it was hard to know where to grip the bag for it to pour properly. I don't have a microwave, so I also spent over a half hour just melting the bag in a double boiler. It added significant time to my soap making, not to mention the headache of palm oil all over everything. It destroyed my scale and a thermometer. I'm just hoping the oil will work like wax on my floors. I wish the 7lb palm oil came with a bucket option. It would be so much easier to scoop out the amount I want and not mess with pounds of liquid in an unstable bag that I don't actually need to be working with.

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not liking the bags

While the palm oil itself is great, the new BB bags are not! There was significant spillage with the first pour out of the 7 lb bag (same with the coconut oil). Problem seems to be there's not enough extra room at the top of the bag to allow for the tilting of the bag during pour without spillage. The old bags did not seem to have this problem, as I believe they had more room at the top. Please go back to the old bags or enlarge the size of your current ones!!

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Awesome palm oil!

This palm oil is great. I really like the 7 lb bag that it comes in at that amount. It makes it really easy to melt the oil up, swish it around to make sure its evenly mixed, and I've never had any issues pouring it out. I will be back for more!

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I love the pour bag

I actually love the way it comes packaged. Easy to just pop it in the microwave, melt and pour straight from the bag. No mess and pours nicely from the opening. I hope they DON'T change the bag.

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OMG What was I thinking?

BB is one of my main suppliers. I thought I was doing something right; purchasing 7 pounder. OMG, I have to agree with Jennifer. This oil is excellent. This is the only place that I purchase palm oil. Please find a different way to pack the 7lbs. I was so happy when I saw this much available, but it is a bit cumbersome to work with in the plastic pour bag. You guys still my fav tho! :-)