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Great product

I've been making soap for about a year and I've placed 3 orders with BB. I prices are great I just really wish the shipping was a little cheaper.

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Easy to Use Package

I love that this oil comes in the microwaveable package. You just melt it in the microwave, give it a good shake, and pour what you need. Just screw the top back on & heat it up again for your next use. I ordered the 1 pound the first time, but just ordered the 7 pound size. No more dripping mess pouring oils from a bottle. Very user friendly packaging.

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simple, to use

Never tried palm oil, but today I went full on board with it and palm flakes. Be warned you will need to work FAST, at least I did because I used beeswax, these palm oils, and pure hard oils to make a hard bar of soap. I noticed once i poured in my buttermilk i had to quickly add in my fragrance and sodium lactate. Which for me is fine because i make big bars of rustic one color soaps. I don't mess around with swrils and piping or unicorn farts. So if you are looking to swirl, maybe use a lot of softer oils. Love will buy again once I am out

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Easy to use

I love the microwaveable bags that the palm oil comes in. It makes it so easy to completely melt and mix the oil prior to measuring. A great product!

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Great Bag on 7lb and 1lb option but what do you do with the 35lb option?

I have been using the 7lb bag. Love this bag. I have a tiny microwave and it fits in on it's side ok even though it is too big to rotate. Still it works. I'm wondering about the 35lb option because the per unit price is a little less expensive but how do people melt all of this down? Over a bon fire--lol?