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Michelle B
Love what it does for my soap

Having made CP soap both with and without Palm Oil I have to say I really prefer those with Palm Oil. It makes the bar nice and hard and with the right combination of oils the lather is fantastic. I still do make batches without Palm, but it's a staple of mine and I think the BB quality is great..

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First time using palm

This was my first time using palm oil. I've been wanting to try it for a very long time (2 yrs), but the shipping cost kept me from purchasing it. Well, BB comes through again with another great coupon for free shipping, up to $25, so how could I say no! I can't believe I've soaped without this staple for so long! It really has made a difference in how hard my soap is and adds to the bubbles coconut oil provides. I love the boil/microwave bag too! I can't imagine trying to melt the oil in a gallon jug that other suppliers use. I guess now I'm committed to palm and will have to keep an eye out for free shipping in the future!

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Pleasantly Surprised

I made soap for a while years ago but this was my first time using palm oil. I thought it would be drying on my skin but it isn't at all! Such a hard bar of soap in such a short time, it's unbelievable. Where has this been all my life? The microwaveable bag is perfect especially for this particular oil. I won't be without it ever again.

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Great product

I've been making soap for about a year and I've placed 3 orders with BB. I prices are great I just really wish the shipping was a little cheaper.

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Easy to Use Package

I love that this oil comes in the microwaveable package. You just melt it in the microwave, give it a good shake, and pour what you need. Just screw the top back on & heat it up again for your next use. I ordered the 1 pound the first time, but just ordered the 7 pound size. No more dripping mess pouring oils from a bottle. Very user friendly packaging.