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Palm oil Review

I like that Brambleberry has the palm oil that is sustainable. I love using palm oil in my soaps for the hardness and cleaning properties it provides. The price is great for the amount that I order too. I like the 35lbs size and the price is great for the quality of the product. Thanks so much for the top quality products that you sell.

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This is the best way to get a large quantity of oils! Easy to work with and its a great price!

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Hi, i just had received my order of palm oil and on the label it say 3% as usage rate for CP. i saw that after i had used it as 30% and my CP did fail, looking forward to hear back from you, Thanks

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Question re: New Packaging

I love all your oils, but I especially love that your Palm Oil is RSPO Certified! I do have a question regarding the new labelling and the usage rate listed for CP soap. I have a bag of Palm Oil with the new label and under normal usage rate for CP soap it lists 3%. I'm thinking this might be a typo, and it's meant to say 30%? I would love some clarification on this. Thanks so much for continuing to offer quality products and excellent tutorials!

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This packaging is awesome!

Palm is called for in so many recipes and it can be a pain to deal with since it MUST be melted before measuring. I picked up the 7 lbs bag and it is so easy to use! Thank you thank you for making it so easy to measure! It is also important to me that this palm oil comes from sustainable sources.