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Not a fan of this blender.

I should have probably paid better attention to reviews here., but when my last stick blender died, I figured I'd go to soapers for a replacement. I agree with other reviewers that the bottom of this is too shallow and it suctions to the bottom of the bowl. I remedy it by picking up the blender, but that leads to more splashing which certainly isn't what I want. Another way I've solved this problem is to use the top button. It seems to run backwards and cause less suction. I pulse between the 2 buttons. Still, I don't like it. To make matters worse, it broke on me after maybe 16 batches of soap. Not big batches either. I guess that will force me to go find another blender.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Kimberly! I'm sorry the design of this stick blender didn't work for you! We did lots of testing before bring in this new blender and found it to work great for soap. It definitely should not have broken after so few uses! Customer service has contacted to directly to help resolve this.

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as I am new at soaping maybe I cant evaluate this as well as more experienced soapers. but anyway. I found this has a LOT of power, it does suction to the bottom of the bowl so I just go easy and stir a lot between pulses. I dont usually go for thick trace as I am interested in the complex pattern soaps. this works great for me so far. no complaints.

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Love it!!!!

I've had this blender now for almost a month & really love it. I've previously had 3 Cuisinart stick blenders, but on 2 of them, the part the connects the blade to the shaft fell out & no longer makes a liquid tight seal. Didn't care for the redesigned model so I was looking for another blender. Bought this one from BB & I've been very happy with it. Made lots of batches of CP soap with this blender without any issues mentioned by other reviewers. It does have a very powerful motor & will create a strong suction if you continuously use it to blend your soap batter, but I use it on the lowest setting & only use the blender in 10 second burst & use it like a whisk the rest of the time (just like I did with my Cuisinart) & it works great! It's shaft is shorter than my previous blender, but I make 4 lb & under batches, using a 3 quart batter bowl, and it's plenty tall enough for those. I've also made lotion with the blender, & as long as the speed was 3 or under, it didn't make anymore splatters than my previous blender. Also used it for a batch of liquid soap, & it preformed beautifully for that purpose too. My crockpot has a flat surface (instead of the concave bottom of my batter bowls) so I was able to use it on the highest power without any splattering. If you make large batches of soap, you might want to get a small power drill & a paint mixer/stirring attachment. Those work great for large batches of soap & you can find all metal attachments that can be disinfected for lotion making too.

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Sherry Bradford
Epic fail twice - REVISED

My review of the quality stays the same - just providing more detail. First, love this company and loyal Customer. Not changed by this situation. I wanted to love this product. Good: has good power, no problems manipulating the now-industry wide standard multiple buttons for safety. The problem for me is that out of the 4 times I used this, it failed BIG TIME twice. In both cases the shaft STUCK to the bottom of my blending container and actually wrench the shaft off. The second time, the plastic ring holding in the shaft flew off as well and I had to dig around in the soap batch to find it (and stop and make sure no plastic pieces were missing and somewhere in the soap; they weren't). Twice is enough for me. I've NEVER had a stick blender stick to the bottom of the container before. The bowl is simply not curved high enough and there is not enough ratio of inlet/outlet when you start blending. Yes, I have watched the videos (Soap Queen and others) on how to use a stick blender. Yes, I burp the blender. No, I am NOT using unusual ingredients that would create an unusually thick trace or other issue. Again, love the company, not this blender.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Sherry! I'm so sorry you had that experience! We love our new Black Stick Blenders though they are a bit different than our past designs. We've found this blender works best when holding it directly from the top, holding it from the mid-shaft does not work well. We've also found swirling the blender gently works best to keep everything sturdy. When connecting the base to the handle, make sure you turn it until there is an audible click. Customer service has emailed you directly to resolve this issue :-)

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Black stick blender

I really wanted this blender to work but it does not peform well at all. The shaft comes out of the holder and lands in the soap batch. The blade protion is too shallow and suctions to the bottom of the bowl. This really can create splattering of soap if you try to lift the blade off the bottom and blend higher in the bowl. The design is just not good. I absolutely love everything Brambleberry sells but this one needs help.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Chris! I'm so sorry you had that experience! We love our new Black Stick Blender though it does work a bit differently than our previous designs. We've found it works best if you hold it directly from the top instead of from the shaft which can cause it to detach. Swirling the blender more gently as well as making sure when reattaching you turn it until it audibly clicks into place. Customer service has emailed you directly to help troubleshoot :-)