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Beware the Stink!

I just found out why my 13oz two-toned bath bomb stinks like a sewer; Ultramarine Blue. Seems that Ultramarines, especially Blue, as well as Cobalt Blue, will turn Bath Bombs into foul rotten egg smell, or, sewer. Just disgusting. BB and other suppliers should let their Customers know this. I had to learn from another crafter. As for the packets, nice size good amount of powder for experimenting. Colors as expected.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi there! I'm sorry you were disappointed in the Ultramarine Blue Pigment colorant in your bath bombs. That colorant can smell a bit sulphuric, especially when added to bath bomb mixture. We love the Pigment Sampler Pack, though we don't normally recommend using the pigments in bath bombs because the particles are heavy and can cause streaks. For colorants specifically designed for bath bombs, I would check out or La Bomb Colorants. Micas will also work in bath bombs, as seen in our Mondo Bath Bombs and Midas Touch Bath Bombs tutorials.

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Not large enough samples

I published my review grumbling about sizes of the samples and then realized that I did my math wrong. That's what I get for doing my math at the end of a long day! Each sample packet is enough to color about 2lbs of soap, which is about what I'm looking for. I'll adjust my review to report on performance after I'm done with my soap.

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Nice color set.

i loved all the colors except wasn't to crazy about the brick red. I was kind of new to soaping so I just needed time to work with the mixing of colors to get the color I wanted. Sometime has passed now even the brick red works for me. BB lost 1 star because of no instructions on the bag. It would have helped when I just started learning about soaping or even a slip of paper guide in the sampler pack would have helped out. Other than that, perfect.

love them but...

I love the colors and the sample pack is a great way to go, but.... I mixed the Violet according to instructions and even made sure the color was super smooth and still got little dark purple specks all throughout. I used sunflower oil to disperse. Not sure if I'm just not doing something right.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Laurisa! I'm so glad you love the colors in our Pigment Sampler Pack! Though, I'm sorry you had troubles using the violet color. We found that these pigments mix perfectly into a lightweight oil, like sunflower, using our Mini White Plastic Mixer as seen in the Prepare Your Colorants for Cold Process Soap Making blog post. I will email you personally to help troubleshoot.

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Colors Beautifully

I have been using these to color my bath bombs and just a smidge goes a long way. I used the yellow to go along with a Mayan Musk scent my son loves. The darker oxides leave a VERY slight ring on the tub at the top of the water line but it's nothing a swish with a washcloth doesn't wipe off. I would expect this for a product not explicitly formulated for a bath bomb, and it's been less issue than I expected.