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Amazing scent, ricing and aceleration

5+ star rating for scent. Had to minus 1 for the major issues I had. I received a sample of this scent years ago and recently bought an 8 oz bottle for 8 lbs of CP soap I was making without out reading these reviews. Big mistake. I was soaping at 124. I had planned to do a simple 2 color swirl but as soon as I put the fragrance oil in, it riced and acelerated. Due to the ricing, I decided I had no choice but to use the stick blender to smooth it out. I was able to glop it into the mold but it hardened before I could do any swirls. I tried anyway but it was too solid. Praying they come out looking okay. My only consolation is that it smells amazing.

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This is a dreamy floral scent. I'm a huge fan! It reminds me a lot of Jasmine Dreams (which I love), and I like this one just a bit more! It's a beautiful scent.

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So lovely

I ordered this during the deep of winter because the description talked about Hawaii and I wanted to escape the snow! I plan on making bath bombs with this and I think it will be awesome in a lotion too. Up until now I've had it on my night stand and I use it to scent my bedding. Sometimes I even wear it as a perfume! All I have to do is open the bottle and it's instant "Aaahhh!" I'm transported! Eventually I'll try it in products and I have confidence they will be amazing. For now, this is my secret weapon against the doldrums of a cold and snowy winter. Love love love! A fragrant escape!

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OOB smells heavenly. Made CP at 100f in 1lb mold for first try with it. Used recommendation to mix fo with equal base oils. Thickened a little at end but able to make 4 color swirl. No overheating, no ricing

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Best white floral

My favorite of the white florals BB has to offer. I get slight banana towards the end of a whiff, but it's definitely the truest white floral I have found, similar to jasmine, but better than the "Jasmine Dreams" or gardenia variations offered. Tuberose moss might be a close second fave...anyway, comparisons aside, this traces quickly. I also noticed it started to heat up and erupt in the mold. Good thing it's just a test batch and wasn't filled to the top of the column mold! We'll see how it looks after cutting. I added pink Brazilian clay and sodium lactate to my recipe as well, so not sure if that would have had an effect. This is also great in the BB shampoo base, as well as in my cyclomethicone hair detangler, it's like Hawaii in a bottle!