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Pink Salt

So I read the reviews

D. Lopez
Great soap but don't know how to store them

I have done this recipe twice and I just love it. It has been very well received for those who had tried the soap (I used the Spring Meadow fragrance instead of the essential oil blend). However, I stored a small batch in a rubbermaid container alongside with other soaps and after 2 weeks, when I when to get them for a gift, they were all "sweaty." It only happened to them, the others were OK. I tried to dry them up with a paper towel, but they are still oily in the surface. Not sure how to fix them. How should I store them in the future and how long will they last? I live in South Florida and need to make sure that my soap is properly stored so it won't get spoiled. Thank you in advance.

Pink Sea Salt & Shea Bar Kit

I used small sea salt and it did clump together and cool the soap mixture quickly. I did reheat at one point but mostly, I just worked the salty clumps into the bottom of the mold with a small spatula. It turned out okay but once the sea salt part is gone, the bar no longer exfoliates. Have to figure out how to get the soap throughout the entire bar.

A great seller

I didn't buy this as a kit and use a different scent but followed the recipe and used the mold, salt and base from Brambleberry. You have to work somewhat quickly and reheat your salt and soap as you're working but just follow the directions and you have a lovely bar of soap. I wish I could post a picture of how wonderful they turn out each time I make some. Thank you!

Not impressed with the outcome

I followed the instructions to make these bars. I found it pretty easy to make, however, the finished product was not great. This particular bar does not lather very well. I feel that less salt should be used, if someone still wants to go with this recipe.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Tricia! I'm glad you found this kit easy to make, though, I'm sorry you weren't impressed with outcome. As noted right on the product page, this bar of soap does not lather well because of that high salt content. We love our Pink Salt and Shea Bath Bar Kit and the moisturizing and super exfoliating bar of soap it makes! If you want more lather you can cut down on the salt content as you mention. I will email you personally to help tweak the recipe!