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Nice lipstick color, bad smell

I've used this color twice in my lipstick base. It remains a dark purple, but when added to the hot base, it develops a strong seaweed/metallic smell. The Queen's Purple, and all the other Bramble Berry micas I've bought, don't develop that smell. I'm assuming it's a chemical reaction with the manganese violet. I'll use this mica in my eyeshadow instead.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
I'm glad you like the color of our Plum Dusk Mica. Though you're right, due to the manganese violet this color can smell a bit when added to hot products. If looking for another purple the Queen's Purple Mica is a great option like you mentioned.

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Color morph

I’m so sad. I made 4 loaves of rose soap for Christmas orders. They were pink and plum dusk. They are now brown(ugly) brown and grey. I ruined these orders and too late to make more for Christmas. It’s such a beautiful color in the container. 😭

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Plum Dusk Mica does morph in cold process soap as noted above. If you're looking for a better purple in CP you may prefer Queen's Purple Mica.

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Beautiful in melt and pour

I love this color in M&P. Its a dark luxurious color

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gina boyd
color morphed

I also didn't read that it turns grey in CP soap. But I'm not entirely disappointed. I can us in other projects like M

ruined two loaves

I unfortunately did not see that this discolored so badly in CP :( I made what was two beautiful loaves of huckleberry soap that now smell amazing but are SO ugly. Wasted 5 pounds of soaping supplies.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Dorothy! I'm sorry you had that experience! The Plum Dusk Mica does discolor to a dark gray purple in cold process as noted on the product page. If you're looking for a truer purple in CP you may prefer Queen's Purple Mica or Ultramarine Violet Oxide.