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I LOVE these! They are perfect.....but my question is the same can you leave these on your bottles or will the fragrance evaporate???

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Devin! I'm so glad you love our Pour Spouts! While these are super convenient, they are made of plastic so the fragrance can eventually eat away at them. This causes the spout to eventually leak at the sides if left in the bottle constantly. For more on this reaction check out our blog post, Undiluted Aroma Oils + Plastic Don't Mix. We do recommend removing the spout and capping your fragrance/essential oils to prevent this. It will also keep your oils fresher for longer! Though, it really depends on how often you're going through a bottle of scent.

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This spout is great

This is great and saves those small drops from going to waste. I just have one question. Should I remove this spout between uses? Thanks!!