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best milk additive

I have been using goatmolk powder for about 8+yrs, and find it to be very useful in several of my products. I do craft boutiques, and often will sell out of my goatmilk M&P base bars quickly, so adding this to honey or olive oil base, is very moisturizing, LOVE goatmilk powder!

Bath bomb help please!!

I really want to incorporate the powered goats milk into my bath bombs..but I've never used this type of ingredient question is...if I put it in my bath bombs will I have to use a preservative as well or will it be ok in the bomb as it's self...i would not want to sell stale milk in my bath bombs

Verified Purchase
Great Success!

Overall, I have had great success with this Goat's Milk! I use this as I'm afraid if I found someone local, it would spoil before I could get it all used! I have gone through 3 bags in the last 4 months and have had good success with 2 of the 3. One bag seemed... more concentrated maybe? I mixed the same exact ratios as the other two bags, however for some reason this bag scorched like CRAZY!! Luckily, I was able to salvage the rest of the bag by reducing the amount of goat's milk to .75oz per 8oz water. The other two bags have been great though! No scorching, no yellowing, and no odor!

Goats Milk Questions

Can you vacuum seal or use an oxygen absorber to preserve your unused goats milk? Also, I would like to add this goats milk powder to cleansing grains and extend the shelf life of the batch beyond 2 months. Is there something I can add to extend the shelf life; essential oils, rosehip seed powder (because of vitamin c), etc?

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Easy to use!

I really like this product because of its ease of use and the fact that, unlike store bought goats milk, it has no preservatives....BUT....and this is a biggie....I REALLY wish it was available for purchase in smaller than 1 pound amounts. I am a very small scale soaper & do not use goats milk in all my varieties of soap. I usually make some goats milk ice cubes and freeze them to extend the life of the product but it would be nice to be able to purchase smaller amounts to avoid waste. PLEASE consider selling this in smaller quantities for us little guys out there! Thank you!!!