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Applejack Peel Soap

Anne-Marie continues to experiment with our vertical soap mold. Here, she added another handmade divider to create a modern block design. Then she stamped it with our cute little acrylic Owl design that is perfectly matched with the warm autumnal colors she chose.

This project also uses our powdered goatsmilk to add extra skin loving nourishment to the soap. Powdered Goatsmilk is easier to use and store than fresh goatsmilk and is very quick to mix-up when using our little mini-mixer tool.

See below for complete instructions on this exclusive project for Soap Queen Newsletter subscribers. If you're a tactile learner and would like to see the bar in person, you can purchase your very own Goatsmilk Applejack Peel bar here..


Introducing our very first Soap Queen newsletter!  Soap Queen was created by Anne-Marie (owner of Bramble Berry Soapmaking Supplies) in 2007 and has been a popular blog ever since. We wanted to offer a little something more to our readers so we've created this newsletter. Every issue will contain an exclusive deal (check out the Lovin' Soap E-Zine discount on the right) and a never before seen tutorial. We hope you enjoy it.
Happy Soaping!

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How to Make Applejack Peel Soap:

Prepared Mold

Separating the Batch

Double Pour

The View From Above
Before You Begin:
MOLD PREP: For this project, I did a modification to the Vertical Mold. I divided one of the cavities in half so that I wound up with 3 different colors. So easy! Here’s how: TIP: Line your Vertical Mold with freezer paper.
ONE: Assemble the plastic pieces inside the vertical mold, you’ll need it to be able to measure the piece you’re creating. Find something sturdy and easy to cut. I used some cardboard left over from some packaging (yay for reusing!).
TWO: Cut to size, perpendicular to the center divider in the mold. I used an end piece as a stencil to get the height correct, then eyeballed the width (it’s better to be a little big than too small; you want a tight fit rather than a loose one).
THREE: Wrap your piece with freezer paper, shiny side out. Keep in mind that the freezer paper will add extra bulk, so if your cardboard is tight, trim it back just a bit before wrapping it.
FOUR: Fit your piece into the mold, and you’re ready to go!
COLOR PREP: I mixed together the Merlot Mica and Red LabColor to create a gorgeous Red Apple color, so fitting for this project! I also made a slurry with .5 ounces of Sweet Almond oil and 1 teaspoon Titanium Dioxide.
MORE PREP: Mix the Powdered Goat’s Milk and 2.8 ounces of distilled water.

SAFETY FIRST!: If you've never made CP soap before please watch the first 4 videos on how to make CP, paying special attention to the episode on Lye Safety.
ONE: In a well ventilated area, carefully prepare your lye water by adding the lye to the water (never add the water to the lye). Stir until the mixture turns water clear.
TWO: Melt and combine Canola, Coconut, Palm, and Olive Oil with the Palm Kernel Flakes.
THREE: Slowly and carefully add the lye mixture to the oils and stick blend for 5-10 seconds. Add your goat’s milk at very light trace and stick blend until just incorporated.
FOUR: Add the Applejack Peel and stick blend for another 5-10 seconds, being sure to fully incorporate the fragrance into the soap batter.
FIVE: Split your fragranced batch in half, then split one of the halves in half again. You can totally eyeball this step.
SIX: Time for some color!! The biggest of the three gets the Red Apple, and the two smaller batches get Green Apple and Titanium Dioxide. Mix well, minding trace and switching to a whisk if needed.
SEVEN: Here’s when you might want to call in that Pouring Buddy! Take your Green Apple and Titanium Dioxide colored batches and pour simultaneously on either side of the freezer paper-covered cardboard divider. Pour slowly and as evenly as possible so not to disturb the divider. Then pour your Red Apple colored batch into the bigger cavity, and you’re done!
EIGHT: Wait 24-48 hours and unmold the soap. Cut your bars and let cure for 6-8 weeks!
OPTIONAL: After another day or so, I used our cute new stamps to add some extra flair to the Red Apple section of the soap! I think these stamps are great for that little pop of interest and a nice, finished look.

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