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Worked great with my M&P but I have a ??

I sampled some of your M&P color blocks from a friend and they worked great! My question is whether or not this item could be a multi tasker. I have recently been making home made lotions and I was wondering if this product would work well to color them?

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Love these but have a question

I've tried a few brambleberry color blocks, and i am in love. I just want to know if these blocks will work in bases that are not from brambleberry? In particular, i really love Cocoa butter melt and pour bases but brambleberry doesn't sell this :( can I use these color blocks with a base that is not sold from brambleberry?

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Andrea! I'm so glad you're in love with our color blocks! We love them too! We haven't tested this, but I don't see why you wouldn't be able to use these color blocks with other bases. Though, please keep in mind our color blocks work best in a clear base versus a white one. I will email you personally to get the specifics!

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Meghan Kelsey
Do not use in opaque bases

I used this in my goat milk soap and noted no appreciable difference in color or shine. I would not use it again for the same purpose. I have not as of yet tried it in clear soap, so I do not know how it behaves in that. However, I would tend to believe that it would have much better results.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Meghan Kelsey! You're right! In an opaque base like our Goat Milk Melt And Pour this color block would not really show up. This colorant needs the light to shine through to be able to catch its wonderful shimmer. I suggest using our Clear Melt and Pour Soap Base to really showcase our Shimmer Super Pearly White Color Block. I will email you personally to discuss this further.

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Easy to use/beautiful color

Easy to use!!! Produces such a beautiful color and I love the shimmer!

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An opulent pearl shade for your transparent M&P bases!

These color blocks are amazingly easy to use, the cost is very reasonable (for a complete break down of the cost per gram and more see my review for the shimmer gold color block - I got just a bit obsessive with it hehe) and it produces a luxurious shimmery delicious shade that can be used on it's own or can morph another color such as the True Red color block into an amazing glitzy and glamorous color. I use the clean up tool, also from "the bramble" to shave off just enough to add gorgeous pearly white shimmer to my transparent M&P bases. I have tried it in the white M&P and it does add a hint of shimmer but it's hard to see so I only use this color with the transparent bases. You simply shave off how much you need, the thinner the better, from a minute amount for a light shimmer up to 4 grams (1/5 of the block) to achieve the highest concentration. It's a WYSIWYG product so no guessing what the color will be when your soap has cured. This product - and it's concept - ROCK!