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Has learning curve, but does the job

This column mold with insert works, but you have to read the reviews. Or read this :D 1. you're pouring liquid into a non-airtight container, there is the possibility of leakage. Just set your column on news paper or paper towels - it's pretty minimal. 2. the inside liner does "snap" or line up to fit inside, but it does not make a perfect circle - I have a seam where they meet. 3. getting the soap back out takes a few steps. Let it cure in the mold for a couple days, then pop it in the freezer - I did overnight. The next morning, I took a narrow rolling pin and pushed the soap out the other end. There was no way I was going to be able to pull it out. I tried. I'm not petite. LOL. I'm strong, but just basic common sense would tell you that doesn't matter. You're pouring a liquid that is going to expand and contract during gel phase into a mold. It's going to get tight in there. Once you get it all down, it works great.

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Go for it, it works great

after reading other reviews I started to panic, but I did use a think rubber bottle opener or jar opener when I had to release the inner mold and WA LAH it worked very easily, I used the mini heart silicone long mold to add a heart to the center of the soap they came out great,

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Tough Mold

I bought the mold a couple weeks ago and finally got to use it but I actually can't get my soap out of the mold. I have no arm strength what so ever and I don't want to take a power tool to it since I planned on using it again.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Samantha! I'm sorry you're having trouble getting your soap out of this mold. We love the Heavy Duty Column Mold and the soap it creates, as seen in our Circled Swirl Soap Tutorial. It sounds like the liner may not have been fully snapped into place. When that happens, the soap leaks and gets in between the liner and mold. This could definitely be the reason you're having such a difficult time removing that soap! To try and fix that, take a heat gun or hair dryer and gently run it over the mold to help loosen things up. For your next batch, you can coat the liner with an oil that does not saponify, like Cyclomethicone, to help it unmold more easily.

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Mrs. B
Solved the cap falling off issue

To get the cap to stay on I placed a square of wax paper over the bottom of the empty tube before putting the cap on. You have to force it on with the paper there. It forms a waterproof and tight seal. All in all this mold didn't work out for me. The liner warped and would never give round bars. It also stuck to my soap and left the outside weird and not smooth. I'm moving on to the silicone mold of individual rounds.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Mrs. B! I'm sorry this mold was difficult to work with. We love the simple design of our Heavy Duty Column Mold and the soap it creates. We used it in the Circle Swirled Cold Process Soap for cute round bars. If you're looking for an easier time unmolding you can try first coating the liner with an oil that does not saponify, like Cyclomethicone. For a mold with individual rounds, you may like our 12 Bar Round Silicone Mold.

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I should have read all the reviews!

I should have read all the reviews on this mold before using it. Beware, the end cap falls off! Fortunately I placed the mold in the sink during pouring so the mess was confined mostly to that area. After pouring I picked up the mold and the end cap separated from the column, causing my soap to pour out the bottom. The end cap seemed snug when I assembled it, but perhaps the weight of the soap forced it apart. Be very very careful when you use this mold and try to figure out how to work with it so this doesn't happen to you. I'll try to use again, much the wiser now!