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Greatest invention ever!!

Perfect for everything! Very well made and sturdy! Great quality and a great price! Thank you Anne-Marie for working so hard to help us create our own passions♡

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A Must Have!

I didn't think I needed these cups but I bought 2 anyway just to try them. I love them and can't wait to buy more. The spout is great when you need a thin line. Unlike a regular cup, you won't get the lines you're looking for out of those. It'd be wide and messy. So these are perfect.

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Michelle B
Super duper useful

I am not a soap maker (yet) but I make a lot of lotion and it is really handy for that purpose - especially the spout for pouring directly into bottles. I don't have to stop and use a separate funnel... very handy, and easy to clean too. Great purchase!

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Absolute must have for any soaper!!

I purchased the smaller ones else where and have used them extensively but now with making larger batches these are going to serve my needs much better!! Skip the small ones and go for these, much more versatile!!

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Love em!

I love these containers. They're very easy to use, and they hold a good amount. I was bad and heated my soap past 140 degrees several times, and they seem to hold up fine. Fingers crossed!