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Holiday Eyeshadow Recipes

We created three new eyeshadow color blends perfect for your Holiday celebrations. Dress up your eyes with these trendsetting and easy recipes for loose mineral eyeshadow.

As an exclusive for our Newsletter subscribers, we are unveiling our Pumpkin Shimmer recipe and technique a full month before we feature it on our Soap Queen Blog. You will find recipes for our Deep Moss and Champagne Blush colors in the next couple of weeks on the blog.

Pumpkin Shimmer Shadow

Pumpkin Shimmer Eyeshadow Recipe:

2 mini scoops Sericite
1 mini scoop Copper Mica
1 mini scoop Cappucino Mica
1 mini scoop Peach Shimmer
1 mini scoop Bronze Mica

Directions: We used the mini .15cc pigment scoops sold here. But you can use any measurement as long as you keep the proportions the same.

It's easy to make this color: place all of your measured powders in a container (like a lip balm pot) and mix well.

That's it, you're done!

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Sophisticated Contour Application Directions

Pumpkin Shimmer Eye 

For this look we used the Pumpkin Shimmer eyeshadow blend along with the Light Brown and Dark Brown recipes from our Mineral Makeup Guide Book.

1. Apply Pumpkin shimmer on center of lid to outer edge up to crease.

2. Apply light brown eyeshadow to inner lid and brow arch blending well.

3. Apply dark brown eyeshadow to outer edge of the eyelid and along crease. Also apply along the lower lash line but only 3/4 of the way across. Again, blend well.

4. Reapply a little more Pumpkin Shimmer to the center of the lid if you have blended it in and want a little more coppery goodness to show!

 D.I.Y. Perfume Kit

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 Owl Soap

Check out this adorable soap made by Johanna who works in our Bramble Berry Warehouse.
She used our flexible owl mold and black and yellow oxide for color.
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Horizontal Rule

Sericite - This is simply uncolored mica and provides the perfect base for your mineral makeup recipes.

Copper Mica - Used in our Pumpkin Shimmer recipe above adds a beautifully warm shimmer.

Classy Black Pots - Not only is the container great for lip balms but we love it for our mineral makeup creations too!


Winter Grapefruit - Juniper and Grapefruit combine to make a refreshing and unique holiday fragrance.

Christmas Tree, Cybilla  - Bright and full bodied, this fragrance is lovely in Cold Process soap.

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