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Too much spice and not enough pumpkin

I wanted to like this one but there just wasn't enough pumpkin. It was overloaded with spice and didn't sell well at all.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Pumpkin Spice Fragrance Oil is definitely a more spice based scent. If you're looking for something with stronger pumpkin notes you may prefer Pumpkin and Brown Sugar Fragrance Oil or Pumpkin Souffle Fragrance Oil.


Smells just like the name😀 I want to eat it! I sure wish more of these amazing fragrances were lip safe, I would love to have this one in a lip product! Please, Brambleberry, get some new lip safe flavor oils!😆

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Perfect fall fragrance

Excellent aroma, speeds up trace significantly

The fragrance from this is awesome. It added to the coloring of my soap, so I expect the orange I was hoping for to be a tiny bit darker, but that's fine. It does speed up trace significantly. I went from a light trace to a borderline heavy trace, almost instantly. This just results in having to work very fast when using molds, so I wish I had realized how much it would accelerate things, so I could have 2 loads ready instead. All in all, I expect great things. I am anxious to see if I have the weeping problem.

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This FO has changed and, sadly not for the better.

I had reviewed the previous version of Pumpkin Spice and gave it 5 stars. Sadly, When I bought this last bottle I ddin't notice that it had been reformulated. I, too, had issues with weeping and overheating that I did not have with the old version. I also noticed that the FO gave a much yellowier color to my soap batter than the previous. I do not like this and will not be re-ordering. I wish BB would change the names of colorants and FO's when they have been altered so these issues dont occur.