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Not what I expected

I love the scent of honey in body products so I was very excited to try this one. It had good reviews so that prompted me to buy a larger size bottle. I’m not sure if I just got from a bad batch or something, but I have used this in three different batches of soap , CP as well as melt & pour. All three are ruined. The scent is a chemical like one, only thing I can think of to compare it to is playdo or crayons. It’s strange. Not appealing. I’ve wasted a lot of money on my products because of this. This morning I tried it in some body butter and it’s the same. Geez. I feel like it must be a bad batch of fragrance oil. I really want this scent, but this bottle will be trashed. I’m not sure if I will order this again.

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THIS honey FO is the only true to scent FO - I have found! I have used it many times and never ever disappointed IF you want the scent of HONEY - THIS ONE IS IT! No other beat this authentic aromatic scent of HONEY!

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pure honey FO

AMAZING 😍. Smells like honey 🍯 in a jar. Works very well in CP soap. Highly recommend!

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Just Perfect

I love the smell of this fragrance and my clients do too. I lay bubble wrap on top of my wet soap to give the honey comb effect and then pull it off when I am ready to cut.

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Pure Honey Frag

Smells Devine! I’ll also blend w orange and vanilla. Lotion bars in bee mold.