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This is a perfect honey scent! I used a mold & made solid lotion (beeswax, shea butter, pure honey fragrance & olive oil)

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Smells Like Honey

My daughter loves honey and was determined to have a bar of Honey soap! I found a recipe here on Bramble Berry and oh my! She never wanted to help me soap until THIS came it!! This made my house smell so good and get this.. it was used in our cold process soap!! Gotta put this on your list of things to buy!! Will buy more!! Thanks Bramble Berry!-deborah

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Very Nice!

If you love the smell of honey, you'll love this! Perfect! I mixed it with orange EO. Yum!

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Michelle B
Love it!

I think it smells beautifully like real honey... I used it in CP and it behaved fine. It is holding nicely during the cure process. I actually mixed it with 10x Orange and love the resulting smell. I will absolutely purchase it again for a future CP batch.

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CP issues

First off: this scent is great in a blend. On it's own, it's a little too chemically but I mixedat conditions exactly Brambleberry tests their FOs init with neroli and lemon FOs and it's instantly my new favorite. However, I'm curious wh because this most certainly did accelerate trace in both batches I've made so far. both times I hand-stirred it in at very light trace and it immediately starting setting up. It was bordering on seizure territory, it was so thick. The second time around it was somewhat better as I used full water and more liquid oils, but then as soon as I added the FO it riced pretty significantly and what's worse, it speeds up trace so fast there was no way I had time to stick blend it out. All in all, this is a pretty finicky FO, but I'm determined to make it work as it really does have an awesome, intoxicating smell in the finished soap. Just don't expect to be able to do much swirling with this.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
In our tests and recipe the Pure Honey Fragrance Oil did not accelerate trace. There can be other additives that causes acceleration as well as temperature though I'm wondering if the blend of fragrance may have also been the culprit. Depending on the fragrance blend on how much was used it can be a bit trickier to soap with blends. For more information check out our Soapy Mess-Up Quick Guide.