Thanks to Jennifer from OTION Soap Bar for this awesome recipe!

Scrubbing Rock Soap

Melt soap base.

Add fragrance oil and stir.

Add pumice until soap is COMPLETELY saturated. Stir well to make sure there are no air bubbles. Add more pumice if necessary. The idea is to add so much pumice that it will not sink; it should look like thick, wet mud.

Pour into molds. This recipe will make approximately four bars (in Bottom Rock Mold). The finished soap should be heavy and solid and ready to scrub!

Ideas for variation: Throw in a bit of blue pumice or shredded loofah for flecks of color; use a bit of mica (try silver, vintage gray, or sparkle gold) for a bit of shimmer. Try a blend of orange and bergamot essential oils for a cleansing, uplifting bar.