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thought it would feel just like olive oil, but it's actually a lot lighter and sinks right into the skin! I'm in love.

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Good oil, good price!

I read about this oil being high in Vitamin e, having a long shelf life and being good for acne proned skin. I purchased and gave it a try. I use this oil mainly in a moisturizing shampoo I make for very curly & highly textured hair. I was a little concerned about the particles in the oil. But, I shrugged it off and thought to myself "Let's see what happens" . I worked great. My next project is to make a creamy facial wash using this oil. I think it will turn out great!

Nice substitute for oilive oil

I bought this for a specific recipe for a specific mold. I had enough to do another batch so I did a hot process batch so I could try the soap quickly. I love it.

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Rice Bran Oil

Rice Bran oil is nice to use in cold processed soap. It brings more properties to the soap and is a compliment to Olive oil in my opinion. I received this oil a month ago and just went to use it. I'm disappointed as it says it is cold pressed in the description. The description doesn't say it is un refined and separates. The description doesn't say that the sap value is quite different from other rice bran oils. Using this oil means you need to use Bramble Berries soap calculator or be prepared to do your lye calculations by hand due to the sap of this oil. My favorite soap calculator doesn't have un refined cold pressed rice bran oil listed or available. So I will purchase my future rice bran oil from another vender.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Pam! I'm sorry you weren't a fan of this oil. In our tests and recipes, we have found it works well in cold process soap and doesn't separate. We used it in the Clover and Aloe Spin Swirl Cold Process Soap for a nice moisturizing feeling in the bar. Also, the SAP value of the oils is based on information from our vendor. SAP values for the oil will be different based on where it's from, the weather during growth season, etc. We keep our Lye Calculator up to date with any new information!

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Love this oil!

I'm new to soapmaking and wanted to make a castile-type soap for myself and my dry, aging skin. I used this 100% and added lye per the lye calculator on Brambleberry website. I couldn't be happier with the results! As another review stated, my CP bars do feel a bit waxy or sticky to the touch, but I don't mind. Everyone I have given a bar to so far LOVES it! It leaves my skin silky-soft and lathers nicely, not super bubbly but a nice soft 'foamy' lather. Definitely recommend trying this oil!