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Works great

So far, I've only used this in liquid soaps, but it works really well (especially considering that I didn't dilute it properly). I managed to get a nice shade of purple out of it and hoping for the best in an upcoming HP.

Question please

Sorry - had to submit review in order to ask question... I haven't tried it yet. Before I order this color to use in the LC Ombre recipe, would you make suggestions so that I can avoid the gray color mishap of the previous reviewer? Or is there another similar color you could recommend? Thanks. (I will use a double boiler to heat color.)

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Liz! With many of the LabColors, including the Royal Purple LabColor, gel phase is super important to get a nice, vibrant color. Otherwise, the colors can morph or not turn out not quite how you were expecting. Find out more about this in our LabColors and Gel Phase are Friends blog post. You can also learn more about when and when not to gel in our Jazzed about Gel Phase post.

Verified Purchase

sadly I had two issues with this product. One the lab color came in a plastic container (not glass as described in the tutorials). Microwaving it for the recommend 10 seconds left me a melted bottle with dark purple lab color all over my microwave. secondly what i was able to salvage turned my soap a unsightly pale brownish/blue grey. I used a high coconut oil recipe because I wanted to avoid the tint from olive oil but still did not get the lavender color in the above photo. I want a true purple to match my lavender essential oil.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Vaz! Oh no! I'm so sorry that happened to your labcolor! I will email you personally to resolve this issue.