This month's featured sample is Sunny Herb Garden. This fragrance combines the fresh aromas of rosemary, thyme, sage, and basil with a soft lavender undertone. This fragrance performs beautifully in cold process soap, with no acceleration or discoloration.

Garden Candle

Blend Ideas



How to Make Sunny Herb Garden Candles:

Tools and Ingredients:

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  • MAkign the Wax Leaves  
  • Stabilizing the Candle Wick
  • Glueing the Leaves

ONE: Melt 20oz of Ecosoya Advanced wax in a microwave safe container in 30 second bursts until clear.

TWO: Pour 4oz of melted wax into smaller container.

THREE: Shave off a small pile of Hunter Green wax dye block, and put shavings into the 4oz of wax. To check the color, run cold water over a metal spoon, and quickly dip the tip of the spoon in your colored wax. This should give you an idea of what the green will look like when it is hardened.

FOUR: Once you are happy with the green, use your dropper to fill just the leaf section of the Guest Botanicals mold. Don't fill this too full! You want just the leaf itself, not the rectangle part of the mold.

Tip: To prevent a white haze on the surface of your finished pieces, fill a large flat container with hot water. Gently lay your leaf mold that has the wax in it, to float in this water. This will ensure your wax doesn't cool too quickly.

FIVE: Shave off a pile of Orange and Red wax dye blocks. We used approximately 4 times the amount of orange to red. Add this to your large batch of uncolored wax, reheating it if necessary. Again, you can check the color of this wax using a cold metal spoon.

SIX: Once you have a nice "Terra Cotta" color, measure out 1oz of Sunny Herb Garden fragrance oil. Add to your colored wax and stir well.

SEVEN: Grab your flower pot containers and wicks. Using another dropper, place one drop of terra cotta wax in the center of a flower pot. Place a wick in this puddle of wax, and hold it firmly until the wax sets up (about 10 seconds). Repeat for all four pots.

EIGHT: Fill flower pots almost to the brim with terra cotta wax. Use two pencils or chopsticks to hold wicks centered in the pot. Place each pot in a warm bath of water to help them to slowly cool.

NINE: Check on the green leaves. If they are solid, gently press on the back of the mold to release them. You will need three leaves per flower pot, so refill the leaves again, and repeat the water bath until you have 12 leaves total.

TEN: Once you have 12 leaves and all your terra cotta pots are set up, it is time to assemble the candles. Melt the remainders of the green wax. Using a dropper, dribble a little wax on top of the candle. Use this wax like glue and arrange three leaves around the top of each candle.

ELEVEN: Trim wick to 1/2", and your candle is ready to use! 

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