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I love this Sandalwood

I love this Sandalwood. I did not originally like it out of the bottle, thought about if for a few hours and smelled again. Once I cleared my mind of all negativity, I was able to appreciate the beauty in the bottle. I have smelled it many times since and I really do love it. I originally bought the sample size; just received the 1/2 oz. sized bottle. I am so happy with my essential oils that I have received from Bramble Berry.

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Absolutely love it!!

I absolutely LOVE this's excellent, especially for the price...I'm not completely out but here I am, wondering which 2 out of 3 to get more of...sandalwood, rose absolute, or Roman chamomile lol (or should I finally try the German blue?) Thank you, Brambleberry, for offering ALL of those oils for a decent price without the quality being compromised! :)

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Have to Hide it!

I LOVE this. It is the smoothest EO of Sandalwood I have come across in a very long time. Everyone in the house loves it so I may have to hide it! I will update after I actually use it in M&P.

Valerie Brunette
Flash point

Just LOVE sandalwood!!! Just a question regarding flashpoint. What does that mean and why is it indicated on pretty much everything? Regards, Valerie

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Wish I had a pocketbook to match my love for sandalwood. It gotta be a favorite......however this review is also a question. I was writing down all the flash points for the oils I have. This was missing on the information. Can you tell me what it is? Thank you

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Carol! I'm glad you enjoy this essential oil! The flash point of this essential oil is 136ºF. I hope this helps! :)